Core + Voluntary: A Total Spectrum


Humana Specialty Benefits is proud to offer you four outstanding Disability products via our wholly-owned subsidiary, Kanawha Insurance Company:

Group Short Term and Long Term Disability [STD & LTD]

Group Short Term and Long Term Disability are group disability income replacement policies that protect employee's assets and employer's assets as well - by providing incentives for disabled employees to return to independent, productive lives. Group Disability STD and LTD products can be offered as employer- and/or employee-paid benefits.

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Disability Income Plus [DI Plus]

DI Plus is Voluntary group Disability Income insurance that provides a monthly disability income benefit as a result of a non-occupational "off-the-job" accident or sickness.

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Disability Income Advantage [DIA]

Disability Income Advantage is an individual policy that can help employees pay the bills that won't stop coming, just because they can't work. Several unique features make it especially attractive.

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Axium (Individual & Group Accident)

Supplemental Protection Against a Variety of Illnesses and Accident-Related Expenses

Axium, as a group or individual policy, is supplemental accident insurance. It can provide employees with off-the-job OR 24-hour coverage for accident related expenses such as ambulance services, hospital confinement and medical treatment. The plan also offers coverage for catastrophic losses such as loss of sight or limb[s]. Optional benefits and riders can help protect against loss of income or expenses incurred for intensive care hospital stays. Employees can elect to provide benefits to family members.

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Synergis (Critical Illness)

Critical Illness Protection Allows Flexible Protection Through Modular Design

Synergis is a Critical Illness Group Insurance Policy that provides a lump sum payment when [the insured] is first diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or stroke only. Coverage is available from $5,000 to $75,000 and the employee's family can also apply for coverage. Coverage is modular and employee selected for base and optional benefits.

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Cancer Plus

Supplemental Funds for the Expenses and Treatment of Cancer

The expenses associated with the treatment of cancer, plus ancillary costs, are often devastating in their extent, even when employees are already covered by health insurance.

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Cash Cancer Plus

Lump Sum Payment to Help Offset the Costs of Cancer

Cash Cancer Plus is designed to pay a lump sum cash benefit when the insured is first diagnosed with internal cancer or malignant melanoma. No hospitalization or treatment is required for the insured to receive the cash benefit. Individuals may use the cash payment for any chosen purpose. Cash Cancer Plus pays in addition to any other insurance coverage already in force.

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Life can be beautiful!

Life can be beautiful indeed, especially when brought to you by Humana Specialty Benefits. We're proud to offer you seven very attractive Life products, through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Kanawha Insurance Company:

Level Term Life & Aegis

This is outstanding Life protection for Americans when they need it the most: during their working years, when obligations like mortgages, education needs and the increased expenses of family life make full coverage critical. Rates are designed to remain level for the duration of the policy period.

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Critical Life Plus

Critical Life Plus is insurance that protects employees, their families and their assets in the event of a critical illness, the costs of which can easily exceed the benefits provided by ordinary health insurance. It is offered in a packaged combined with Level Term Life, as described above.

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Care Life

Most people think of long-term care as something that happens after retirement. But reality often says otherwise. Not only is long-term care something that can be needed at any age, it is particularly important to have it during one's working years, when expenses are at their highest.

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Basic Group Term Life [GTL]

Group Term Life is one of the more essential benefits an employer can provide to employees. It is always appreciated for the affordable security it provides employees and their families.

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Secure Life [Whole Life]

Secure Life is actually a family of three Whole Life policies, differing in their paid-up age stipulation. The employer selects the policy to be offered; the employee is presented with one of these three:

Secure Life 65: premiums payable to age 65
Secure Life Plus: premiums payable to age 90
Secure Life Select: premiums payable to age 99

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